TRANSGENDER Lily McBeth “When a HE Became a SHE” by ZISA MOGLEN

TRANSGENDER Lily McBeth  — Died September 21, 2014

“All they wanted to do was put me back in the closet,” said Lily McBeth, who died on September 21, 2014.   It was a historic moment in American history when William McBeth’s court battle to return to the classroom after he became a she.

William McBeth was married for 33 years and with his wife, he raised three children in New Jersey.  As a marketing and sales representative, he worked at the same job for many years.  After he and his wife got a divorce, he decided to achieve his lifelong dream:  HE WANTED TO BECOME A WOMAN.

William McBeth always perceived of himself as a woman.  Yes, he shopped for clothes in the area of the deparment store labelled LADIES CLOTHING.  However, after he purchased the clothes for a woman, he stored them in his closet at home.  He continued to stay a man and travel daily to work in sales and marketing.  William McBeth served in the US Army as a Senior Medical Corpsman.  He loved hunting for ducks and skiing in the mountains. He remained married to his wife and children.

After his retirement from sales, he became a substitute teacher in New Jersey.  William won praise for his teaching performance.  He saved enough money for a sex change.  Then, William R. McBeth became Lily and returned to substitute teaching in New Jersey as Lily McBeth.

Many parents protested Lily’s return to the classroom.  Even conservative columnist Bill O’Reilly wrote a column stating that his child should not be taught by someone who was a transgender person.  Children would not understand this, he argued.

Lily McBeth hired an attorney and filed a lawsuit against the New Jersey school system.  The vote was 4 to 1 to uphold her reinstatement.  Lily McBeth felt so happy that she could return to teaching.  But there were very few calls for Lily McBeth.  Time passed and Lily stopped trying to return to the classroom. She used her free time to go to the New Jersey Bay and do environmental work with saving clams.  She worked at arts and crafts.  And then, at age 80, Lily McBeth died.  She was born as William McBeth and always wanted to write a book with the title:  From HE to SHINING SHE.

How unfortunate that a person who excelled as a teacher and received an excellent performance rating could not teach again.

“I am really the same person, whether I am teaching as a man or as a woman,” said Lily McBeth.  ” All they wanted to do was put me back in the closet.”



“My Old Lady” starring Maggie Smith and Kevin Kline: a bad movie

Should I stay or should I go?   that is the question.  “The Tree of Life” had excellent reviews and I stayed until the end of the movie.  “The Deer Hunter” won an Academy Award but I left because I could not endure such a violent movie.  “Her” was so trendy but not for me…even sex can be boring in a badly written movie.

Thursday October 3, 2014….an appointment at the dentists where he did an excellent job of filling two large cavities in my mouth.  But it was 1 1/2 hours of discomfort.

Why not go to a movie in the afternoon?  A good movie always cheers me especially after my painful morning bout in the dentist’s chair.  I chose a movie located at KIMBALLS Theatre in the downtown area of Colorado Springs.  It starred Maggie Smith and Kevin Kline and it was called “My Old Lady.”

However, after 45 minutes of watching Keving Kline and Maggie Smith argue over and over again, I wanted to leave the theatre.  Yes, Albee’s “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” was good theatre despite the arguing between a husband and his wife.  Actress Maggie Smith is the landlady who yells at actor Kevin Kline and he yells back.  That is the essence of the movie.  UGH!

It is true that there is beautiful scenery and Paris is so spectacular.   But why is this really an important movie—–the subject is about an old lady who has lived in a palatial apartment for many years and claims she says she has ownership rights when so-called new owner (Kevin Kline) arrives from America.  Boring!!!!    I left the movie.

TENNESSEE TREES: Red Oak & Chestnt Oak Trees

Cherish the oak trees of Gatlinsburg Tennessee, especially the Red Oak Tree and the Chestnut Oak Trees.  As tourists visit Gatlinsburg Tennessee, they are not afraid of bears this year.

Why?  In the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, acorns from red oaks and chestnut oaks are extremely abundant in 2014.  The bears are so satisfied.  Their tummies are full in preparation for hibernation.   In other words, the bears are eating so many acorns, wild berries and nuts in the Great Smokies that they are not a nuisance to the tourists.  How wonderful for the tourists and the bears.

According to Biologist Bill Stiver, acorns from red oaks and chestnut oaks are so plentiful that wildlife experts expect fewer complaints about the bears in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  The Knoxville News Sentinel, a newspaper published in Knoxville Tennessee, interviewed several wildlife experts including Bill Stiver.

THE TREE OF LIFE — The movie


The movie by Terrence Malick called “THE TREE OF LIFE” was probably the most boring movie I ever attended.  I sat through the first half of the movie and cringed.   When is it going to become a vital experience, I asked myself.   Two famous actors such as Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain are starring in a dud.

No, this is not a dud, the critics wrote.  IT IS ART!!  And besides, Terrence Malick is a genius.  Audiences throughout the country have become more reverential towards movies and Broadway shows which critics praise.  Not me.

I walked out of “The Tree of Life” and never waited to see the final seconds.  As for the movie tied for second place with a movie from a long time ago, I asked for a refund.  What were the title of these movies?

o  HER — too boring even for a movie with sex

o  THE DEER HUNTER — too violent

Audiences want to pay homage to those in the highly creative arts:  movies, music and theatre.  However, it is the prerogative ot audiences to demand quality.  If the digital age cannot improve the quality of the arts, rise from your chair and..WALK OUT!



by Zisa Moglen

The crocodile is King of the Nile.  In Egypt, where Cleopatra reigned as Queen of the Nile, the crocodile roamed beneath her ship.

LYLE: the Crocodile by Zisa Moglen

Lyle, the Crocodile

King of the Nile

With a snap of your jaws

And your mouth wide open

Your prey is gone.

With a quick snap of his jaws, his mouth is wide open.   YIKES!!!!

Jaguar, wisest animal in the Amazon jungle

but Mr. Jaguar, you don’t rhyme with Nile Crocodile