Their family loved children.  They were so happy in their everyday lives as they raised their four little boys.  But, oh, how wonderful it would be if they only could add a female– A GIRL CHILD — to their family. They dreamed about having a little girl in the family.  It would complete their happy family.

One day, Suzie told her husband Ben that she was pregnant.  Nine months later, a little girl was added to their family.  From the beginning, they knew that she was so beautiful.  They knew that she would grow up to become a fine human being and an outstanding adult female.  Her name was Pearl.

When she was a baby, I loved playing with Pearl.  She was so cute and she possessed a charming little giggle.  Her smile attracted every family in the neighborhood.

And then, one day, in the wink of an eye, Pearl became an adult.  At age 21 years old and even in her late twenties, Pearl was adored by her brothers, her mother and father.  But, along the way to adulthood, something mysterious happened to Pearl.

I remember the night I visited her. We had dinner and had a terrific talk until the wee hours.  It was very late at night.  In fact, it was too late for me to drive home to my own house across town.

“Why don’t you stay overnight,” Pearl said to me.

“Oh, that sounds fine,” I said.

“Oh, I wanted to tell you that my date will be staying overnight too,” she added.

“It is your home, Pearl,” I responded.  “You can invite whomever you wish.”

As I prepared for sleep, I heard the door open.  I met Pearl’s date.   She was a girl just like Pearl.   Then, I learned the family secret.  The last child, who I thought was a girl, was really quite masculine.  As a gay female,  Pearl liked to date other women.