SOYLENT GREEN — 1973 science-fiction movie


You may whisper the phrase:   “Soylent Green is people.”   The phrase was used in an old 1973 science-fiction movie called: “Soylent Green.”    Based on the 1966 novelMake Room!  Make Room” by Harry Harrison, the movie shows people living in an overpopulated New York City of more than 40 million people in the year 2022.  (The year 2022 seemed so far away to the moviegoers in 1973).

In this science-fiction movie called SOYLENT GREEN, there is little or no food available to feed the more than 40 million people dwelling in New York City.  With problems such as poverty, overpopulation, endless polluiton and homelessness, what is a person to do?  Daily living is almost unbearable because of the dense humidity which makes breathing very difficult.

Hunger is a major issue.   Food is scarce and distributed in rations…….What do people eat each day?   So many problems and too few solutiions.

Help is on the way.   Thanks to a big corporation called The Soylent Corporation, there is a new type of food.   They have created a new green wafer which is promoted as better than the previous red wafer or yellow wafer.  The Soylent Corporation says that the Soylent Green Wafer will be distributed in rations because the supply is so limited.  The ad states that the wafer contains “high-energy plankton” from the dying oceans of the world.

No, I am not going to give away the plot of the movie.   I hope you can rent the movie because it is a thriller.  Also, SOYLENT GREEN was the final film of famed movie actor, Edward G. Robinson.  The cast also included Charlton Heston, Leigh Taylor-Young and Brock Peters.

Finally, in 1966 when author Harrison wrote the novel, he gave a warning.  Take care of Planet Earth before it is too late to save the planet.

Soylent Green is people…..