TRANSGENDER Lily McBeth “When a HE Became a SHE” by ZISA MOGLEN

TRANSGENDER Lily McBeth  — Died September 21, 2014

“All they wanted to do was put me back in the closet,” said Lily McBeth, who died on September 21, 2014.   It was a historic moment in American history when William McBeth’s court battle to return to the classroom after he became a she.

William McBeth was married for 33 years and with his wife, he raised three children in New Jersey.  As a marketing and sales representative, he worked at the same job for many years.  After he and his wife got a divorce, he decided to achieve his lifelong dream:  HE WANTED TO BECOME A WOMAN.

William McBeth always perceived of himself as a woman.  Yes, he shopped for clothes in the area of the deparment store labelled LADIES CLOTHING.  However, after he purchased the clothes for a woman, he stored them in his closet at home.  He continued to stay a man and travel daily to work in sales and marketing.  William McBeth served in the US Army as a Senior Medical Corpsman.  He loved hunting for ducks and skiing in the mountains. He remained married to his wife and children.

After his retirement from sales, he became a substitute teacher in New Jersey.  William won praise for his teaching performance.  He saved enough money for a sex change.  Then, William R. McBeth became Lily and returned to substitute teaching in New Jersey as Lily McBeth.

Many parents protested Lily’s return to the classroom.  Even conservative columnist Bill O’Reilly wrote a column stating that his child should not be taught by someone who was a transgender person.  Children would not understand this, he argued.

Lily McBeth hired an attorney and filed a lawsuit against the New Jersey school system.  The vote was 4 to 1 to uphold her reinstatement.  Lily McBeth felt so happy that she could return to teaching.  But there were very few calls for Lily McBeth.  Time passed and Lily stopped trying to return to the classroom. She used her free time to go to the New Jersey Bay and do environmental work with saving clams.  She worked at arts and crafts.  And then, at age 80, Lily McBeth died.  She was born as William McBeth and always wanted to write a book with the title:  From HE to SHINING SHE.

How unfortunate that a person who excelled as a teacher and received an excellent performance rating could not teach again.

“I am really the same person, whether I am teaching as a man or as a woman,” said Lily McBeth.  ” All they wanted to do was put me back in the closet.”


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