“My Old Lady” starring Maggie Smith and Kevin Kline: a bad movie

Should I stay or should I go?   that is the question.  “The Tree of Life” had excellent reviews and I stayed until the end of the movie.  “The Deer Hunter” won an Academy Award but I left because I could not endure such a violent movie.  “Her” was so trendy but not for me…even sex can be boring in a badly written movie.

Thursday October 3, 2014….an appointment at the dentists where he did an excellent job of filling two large cavities in my mouth.  But it was 1 1/2 hours of discomfort.

Why not go to a movie in the afternoon?  A good movie always cheers me especially after my painful morning bout in the dentist’s chair.  I chose a movie located at KIMBALLS Theatre in the downtown area of Colorado Springs.  It starred Maggie Smith and Kevin Kline and it was called “My Old Lady.”

However, after 45 minutes of watching Keving Kline and Maggie Smith argue over and over again, I wanted to leave the theatre.  Yes, Albee’s “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” was good theatre despite the arguing between a husband and his wife.  Actress Maggie Smith is the landlady who yells at actor Kevin Kline and he yells back.  That is the essence of the movie.  UGH!

It is true that there is beautiful scenery and Paris is so spectacular.   But why is this really an important movie—–the subject is about an old lady who has lived in a palatial apartment for many years and claims she says she has ownership rights when so-called new owner (Kevin Kline) arrives from America.  Boring!!!!    I left the movie.


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