THE TREE OF LIFE — The movie


The movie by Terrence Malick called “THE TREE OF LIFE” was probably the most boring movie I ever attended.  I sat through the first half of the movie and cringed.   When is it going to become a vital experience, I asked myself.   Two famous actors such as Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain are starring in a dud.

No, this is not a dud, the critics wrote.  IT IS ART!!  And besides, Terrence Malick is a genius.  Audiences throughout the country have become more reverential towards movies and Broadway shows which critics praise.  Not me.

I walked out of “The Tree of Life” and never waited to see the final seconds.  As for the movie tied for second place with a movie from a long time ago, I asked for a refund.  What were the title of these movies?

o  HER — too boring even for a movie with sex

o  THE DEER HUNTER — too violent

Audiences want to pay homage to those in the highly creative arts:  movies, music and theatre.  However, it is the prerogative ot audiences to demand quality.  If the digital age cannot improve the quality of the arts, rise from your chair and..WALK OUT!


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