Callery pear blossoms are white in the springtime.  They are so fragrant…so lovely.   In autumn, they turn from yellow and orange to red, purple, bronze and pink.

JOSEPH CALLERY (1810-1862)

Who was Joseph Callery??? He was an Italian-Frenchman who lived in China.  He loved the pear tree so much that he sent sent specimens of the pear tree from China to Europe and later, the pear tree found its way to America.


The callery pear tree survived the September 11, 2001 devastation on Church Street near the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center.  Although burned and now just a strump with a green leaf, IT SURVIVED.  See video as narrated by comedienne Whoopi Goldberg and sing a song:

“I was a strong pear tree at the World Trade Center.  I was strong every spring.  I was strong every winter.”

Zisa Moglen adds the following statement: I AM STRONG.


Species of the pear tree in the family Rosaceae.  It is a deciduous tree with oval leaves and grows abundantly in springtime.

The fruits of the callery pear tree are small.  Callery pears have beautiful white blossoms and are similar to apple or crabapple trees.  They are resistant to blight — such as burning on Sept 11, 2001.


The pear trees are particularly susceptible to storm damage when the Bradford variety ar cultivated. 

VIETNAM AND CHINA — native callery pear trees

The callery pear tree is native to China and Vietnam, the callery pear tree was introduced to the United States in 1909.   Later, in 1916, the Arnold Arboretum (in Missouri???) featured this tree.


September 11, 2014 — a day when the callery pear tree will become famous as “The Survivor Tree.”


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