If you run around like a chicken without a head, you are zany…..Read Zisa Moglen’s book which is called:




When her children were two and five, her husband moved out of the house.  He had been visiting his co-worker for several months.  He told everybody at the office that his wife was crazy.


In other words, she was ZANY.  Meanwhile, a woman who was seventeen years younger than him fell in love with him.    She was attracted to him and bought his story about his crazy wife who was the mother of his two small children.  She felt sorry for him… he moved to Alexandria Virginia where she lived. Later, he married her.

What happened to the mother who became a single parent?  And, was she really crazy?   NO.


No, his wife was not crazy.  She was overwhelmed and did not know how to ask for help in the new neighborhood where they had moved from New York City.

Indeed, she was suffering from postpartum depression after the birth of her second child and she felt helpless. Where was her husband when she needed him?  Her friends were far away in New York City.  She lived in a strange new world of suburban Virginia and she did not have her family nearby. 

She was coping with life as best she coculd but whatwith her husband who travelled alot — many times with his aforementioned co-worker — she needed a support system. 

In the early 1970s, there was no support system and no knowledge of the term “postpartum depression.”  Rather than commit adultery, the father of her children should have stayed in Virginia suburbs with his family who needed him on a daily basis.

Years later, doctors labelled the hormonal change in the body after chilbirth as postpartum depression. Years later, mothers such as Brooke Shields or Gwyneth Paltrow spoke about postpartum depression.  And the sickness that new mothers endured was treated in a positive manner.

The rest of the story:  Zisa Moglen became an author and, as Janice Moglen, she organized a nonprofit corporation in the State of Colorado.  It was called the Coalition for Single Parents Day….a day to honoror all types of families on MARCH 21


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