ZANY—-Joan Rivers— Sept 2014



Her first press agent was Micheal Gershman

In 1965, publicist Micheal Gershman had three unknown clients:  Joan Rivers, Woody Allen and Bill Cosby.  All became famous and in the 21st century, they are STILL famous.  Of the three,  Woody Allen and Bill Cosby are still thriving in September 2014.  Joan Rivers died last week.

Today is the funeral at Temple Emanuel in NYC for comedienne Joan Rivers.  She was zany and caustic and funny.  Here are a few of her barbed comments:

       At funerals, they all say:  “She is in a better place.” How is she is a better place?  She lived in the Hamptons.

       Question:  What is Elizabeth Taylor’s favorite food?   Answer: Seconds.


I met Micheal Gershman in 1964.  He was a graduate of Brown University.  We were in New York City where we were both taking the written test for the Peace Corps.  In 1965, when I returned from Nigeria, Micheal was working for the well-known publicity agency called DOROTHY ROSS AGENCY. 

We went to dinner on several occasions and I really liked him.  He quoted Shakespeare when we went to Central Park for the SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK theatre.  He loved music.  Perhaps that is why his son who is known as Air and Space Museum plays in a band.

Years later, Suzy of Suzy Shopping books married him.  Sadly, both died of cancer several years ago.  Micheal Gershman and Suzy Gershman: What beautiful spirits……



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