The American sycamore tree is the genus plantanus occidentalis.  The sycamore tree can display several seconday trunks near ground level.  The trunks of large sycamore trees are often hollow.

Known for its mottled exfoilating bark which seems flaky and irregular, the tree is part of American history. General George Washington wrote in his journal about the American Sycamore Tree when he crossed the Ohio and Kanawha Rivers in 1770.

A sycamore tree can grow to very high proportions.  The largest of the species has been measured  to 167 feet high and near 13 feet in diameter.  General Washington’s journal records a sycamore which measured 44 feet 10 inches high in circumference at 3 feet from the ground.

Sycamore trees are found in Eastern part of the United States.


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