In 2001, I lived at the Greenhouse Condominiums in Alexandria Virginia.  So did Tom DeLay.  In fact, he was my next door neighbor.

I did not know that he was the House Majority Whip when I moved next to him.  I was living in Colorado and when I found a job in the Washington D.C. area, I searched for a place to live very hurriedly.  I found a lovely rented apartment on the ninth floor of a condominium in Alexandria Virginia.

“Do you know who lives in this building,” the taxi driver said to me.

“No, who,” I asked.

“The famous Republican named Tom DeLay,” he said.

“Oh that is so nice,” I said nonchalantly.

I told my friends about this conversation with the cab driver and my famous neighbor.

“Stay away from him…he is a bully with a nickname…THE HAMMER.”

I took their advice and kept a low profile in the building.

Several days later, I learned that Congressman Tom DeLay was in apartment 909.  I was situated in apartment 908.  Wow!

Then, each morning, I saw him when I went to the elevator.

“Good morning,” he said cheerily.

“Good morning,” I responded with a smile.

And our greetings would remain friendly each morning.

Other neighbors ignored me.  In fact, when they joined us on the elevator, all they would talk about would be their 401Ks or their leave schedule.  Of course, that is what government workers talk about….

“Good morning,” said Tom DeLay to me.

“Good morning,” I responded once again.

Why is he nicknamed THE HAMMER?  He seems very friendly….in fact, like BUTTAH…..


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