Lipstick Judy was known as “Judy Lips” because her red lipstick was smeared all over her mouth and near her nose and chin.  She was a character. 

Lipstick Judy was known throughout Colorado Springs, especially by those who took public transportation. Because of her throaty voice and her demanding demeanor, Lipstick Judy intimidated all those who came into contact with her.

When she boarded the public bus at the Downtown Bus Terminal in Colorado Springs, other bus riders moved away from her.  She fought to locate herself on the first seat near the driver.  It was known as the seat where Judy Lips sat.  However, if you coughed or blew your nose, she would relocate to another space far away. Judy Lips was afraid of your germs!

When I first met her, I thought she was a bad imitation of Greta Garbo.  No, her accent was not Swedish.  It was a low-grade Hungarian accent.  She wore a black turban and her big sunglasses seemed like a disguise.

 “I dare you to get to know me,” she seemed to say.

Very few people wanted to become her friend.

Lipstick Judy died last year.  It is sad that she died alone.  And nobody claimed the body at the morgue.  Nobody should die alone, even Lipstick Judy.

ZIsa Moglen—August 30, 2014





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