Aug 26 1664—The British arrived in Brooklyn–

BROOKLYN and the British on August 26, 1664


Four British ships landed in the area of Brooklyn called the Narrows, near Gravesend Bay.  Brooklyn was called Breuckelen in 1664.    Yes, Brooklyn is considered part of a very long island known as Long Island.

The Dutch ships arrived on the shores on the New World almost fifty years before the British.  They called it Breuckelen. Hence, the name Breuckelen is Dutch for Brooklyn.  New Amsterdam on the shores on the land where Native Americans lived for thousands of years.  The Lenni-Lenape Indians and the Delaware Indians dwelled here.

By the way, Zisa Moglen graduated from Midwood High School in Brooklyn.   The Dutch farmed cucumbers and ate fish in the area known as Midwood —- the Dutch term for middle of the woods.  Brooklyn was a farm area and the woods were very beautiful and lush for growing vegetables.  When the trees were cut down many centuries later, the area became known as “Flabush.”


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