TREES: The Bear and Jason the Tree Trimmer



Jason, the tree trimmer, parked his truck near the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. The windows of the truck were open because it was summertime. .

On this warm summer morning, the air was crisp.  It was going to be hot in the sun. Jason already had his baseball cap on his head as he prepared for a the hot summer day.  He grabbed his tools and walked towards a large cottonwood tree.  He was ready for his work on the large cottonwood tree.

HIs tree-trimming business was thriving, especially in the neighborhood near the five-star diamond resort known as the Broadmoor.  Beautiful trees and unusually green grass decorates the spacious houses.  Because the rains during the month of July dampened the ground, the trees and the grass seemed more leafy and greener than usual.

Here in Colorado, there are bears.  And in July and August, these bears prepare to fatten up in preparation for their winter hiberation.  Jason’s arborial service should have known about the bears.

When he returned to truck, there was a bear sitting in the front seat eating a sandwich.  No kidding….and it was his turkey sandwich which Jason had left on the front seat of the truck! 

Jason Sharp, Arborist in Colorado Springs, was not the only one who wanted lunch.  The huge bear did not even notice him approaching the truck.  He continued eating.








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