HOMER THE DUCK who quacks too much


HOMER THE DUCK:  Too many quacks…..


In Manitou Springs, Colorado, there is a case on the legal docket about a duck that quacks too many times in one day.  Homer the Duck is now famous as the duck who quacks too loud.

Mr. and Mrs.  Reid love their duckl who swims in the small pond facing their neighbor’s yard.  The neighbor was complaining about Homer the Duck.  He quacks too many times in one day.  


“I will take you to court if you cannot keep the duck quiet,” he says to the Reids.

“Are  you klidding?”  they asked.

“No, I am serious, I cannot nap in the afternoon. The duck is too noisy.”


It would be comical if it were not really true.  However, the neighbor called the police about the noisy duck.


He was serious about the number of quacks coming from the irascible duck.

He even went to the courthouse to file a complaint against Homer the Duck.

But Homer the Duck continues to quack.

You cannot make him stop….it is a not a legal matter anymore.



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