YIDDISH WORD of the Day: Mensch


In Yiddish, a mensch is a good person.   I am still shocked about the Aug 12, 2014 news on the front page of every newspaper and on television.


The death of Robin Williams, zany comedian and brilliant actor, is a shock to me and the world. He was a gifted comic genius but most of all, he was a mensch.


I saw so many movies which starred actor Robin Williams.   When I was a thirtyish mother of two preschoolers, I became divorced.  It was a very difficult time in my life…perhaps more difficult than the death of my parents or my surgery.  

I watched Robin Williams and Nathan Lane in THE BIRD CAGE.  I needed a laugh but I did not expect to laugh so hard that tears appeared from the hilarious scenes.  Thank you!  AS a result, I viewed THE BIRD CAGE more than once and laughed every time. 

I made lemonade out of lemon when I organized the Coalition for Single Parents Day.  I wanted to help other single parents and empower them.  I wanted public awareness of issues related to divorce.   In addition to problems of child-care, housing and employment, some single parents must deal with child-snatching.

As the Founder of March 21, Single Parents Day in Colorado and the Exec Director of the Coalition for Single Parents Day, I use my name Janice S. Moglen.  I have written about the awesome task by one parent combining nurturing with breadwinning.

I could relate to the single father played by Robin Williams in MRS. DOUBTFIRE.  All single parents, whether male or female, have known about the disagreements related to visitation rights unfortunately.  By adding humor to the problems of single parenting, “nanny” Robin Williams as MRS. DOUBTFIRE makes us laugh at a very serious topic.  Robin Williams made MRS. DOUBTFIRE so believable. 


I recommend the movie, KRAMER VS. KRAMER with actors Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep, aas a serious treatise of the same topic:  divorce, visitation and custodial disputes.

In 1984, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed NATIONAL SINGLE PARENTS DAY on Mar 21st.  With the lobbying of the group Parents Without Partners, Proclamation 5166 was signed by President Reagan to honor those men and women who are widowed, divorced and single parents.






Caring person and very kind


A fine human being


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