TREE of the Day: Eucalyptus


Many are familiar with the eucalyptus tree because of its healing oil.  Eucalyptus oil can be used in cough drops, decongestants and even toothpaste.  The nectar of the eucalyptus tree produces a high-quality honey.

There are more than 70 species of eucalyptus in the world.  Most of grown in Australia, Philippines, New Guinea and Indonesia.  Although most species are not found in areas where there is frost, the Americas, Europe and Africa are places that cultivate the eucalyptus tree species.

As part of the three-member group of eucalyps, the eucalyptus tree is very grown throught the world.  The other two members of the eucalyps group are the Angophora and the Corymbia.

The mature eucalyptus tree may appear to look like a large tree or else, a low shrub.  It produces many beautifully-colored flowers.  They may be red, yellow, cream, white or pink in shade. All parts of eucalyptus can be used to make dyes for silk or wool fibers.

The eucalyptus wood can be used to make an Australian instrument known as didgeridoos. The trunk of the tree usually is hollowed out by termites and then, the Australian aborigines cut it down to the proper size and play music on the hollowed out didgeridoo.


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