TREE of the day: CEDAR TREE


With its evergreen leaves, the cedar tree is common in forests and areas where there is rainfall.

Cedar trees have long lives.   As evergreen trees, they are a member of the family Cupressaceae. and can grow as high as fifty feet. With its towering height, cedar trees add drama to any landscape.

Cedar trees are loved by animals and humans alike.  Birds and squirrels love to nest in cedar trees.  The wood of the cedar smells so fragrant.  With its pleasant smell and its evergreen foliage, the cedar tree is a great addition to any garden, forest or single home.

Native Americans have cherished the bark of cedar trees for making blankets, capes and costumes. Many people carve canoes and other types of boats from the wood of the cedar tree.  Boxes, bowls and baskets are also constucted with cedar wood.

Because it is resistant to disease, the wood of the cedar tree is a popular for building homes. The cedar tree dwells in a moist habitat and usually, it is known to be resistant to the danger of fire.




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