YIDDISH word of the day: BUPKIS


Bupkis means beans. Perhaps there was a time when beans were considered to be nothing or not much. Then, bupkis was used just like another Yiddish word: gornicht….nothing.

On July 30th, the New York Times featured a restaurant review about a restaurant on Orchard Street and Delancey Street called RUSS & DAUGHTERS CAFE. The menu features chopped liver, borscht, kippered salmon, bagels and lox.  The cafe specialty was large fish platters. 

At the restaurant, private stocked sturgeon is a high roller item at $90 and known as the Anne platter.  According to Pete Wells, the restaurant reviewer….”

“the Anne platter feeds three or four people and contains a basket of “good Jewish rye bread; a a very good, crisp salad of thin-sliced potatoes….the cream cheese sets the standard for the rest of the city and all the usual fixings.”

“Still $90 is not bupkis….




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