YIDDISH word of the day: Flablunget…rhymes with PLUNGE IT!


Running around in circles like a chicken without a head?  Then, you are flablunget.  It rhymes with plunge it….fla blunge it! (Emphasis on the second syllable).

On the cover of Zisa Moglen’s book, “The Flablunget Chronicles,” there is a cartoon drawing of a chicken flapping its wings as if it is running. But the chicken has no head.  Yes, the headless chicken is flablunget.

Zisa Moglen’s book has many funny Yiddish phrases, short stories, poetry and of course, recipes. How can you be living in New York City and ignore the tasty treats of all five boroughs.  There are vegetarian recipes too and mango lassi, a perfect yogurt drink — cold and tasty on a hot summer day.



My friends on the farm tell me that a headless chicken can run around for as much as 20 minutes after its head has been severed.






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