TREE OF THE DAY: Cottonwood Tree


The cottonwood tree is the state tree in three states:  Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming.  It is able to withstand floods, erosion and flood deposits near its trunk.  Its leaf pattern is shaped like a diamond. In Colorado, New Mexico and West Texas, the cottonwood tree is given another name:  the Rio Grande cottonwood and is given the subspecies (P.d.wislizeni).

From Minnesota south to eastern Texas,  there are cottonwood trees with narrower leaves.  The subspecies is termed plains cottonwood (P.d. monilifera).

In the eastern areas of the U.S., the cottonwood tree has more triangular-shaped leaves.  Therefore, its species name is deltoides.  If  you travel from Vermont south to northern Florida and west towards Michigan, you will find a subspecies of cottonwood trees (P.d.deltides) that have leaves which are broad AND triangular. 


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