THE BEATLES VS. BEETLES: Col. Griffiths and George Harrison


Col. Griffin and George Harrison:  See Blog from earlier this week about beetles and Beatles

GRIFFITH PARK At Griffith Park, a breed of beetles destroys the trees.  California’s climate attracts beetles and sadly, the famed tree named after BEATLES songwriter and musician George Harrison has been destroyed. 

UPDATES from Zisa Moglen

When Col. Griffith and his wife divorced, it was nasty.  So nasty that Col Griffith shot his wife.  She did not die but her face was disfigured. Col. Griffiths served two years in a California prison for scarring her face. 

Did you know that George Harrison was also a songwriter?  Most people think that John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote the Beatles music.  I just learned that Geroge Harrison composed my favorite Beatles song is “Follow the Sun.”  When I lived in West Africa in 1965 in Nigeria, I met the British Volunteers who played BEATLES songs.  My introduction to their music was in the jungle (also known as “the bush”) of West Africa.  The VSO’s played “Follow the Sun” over and over again in the steamy tropical climate. Wow! 










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