“Love thy neighbor.”    A beautiful statement.   It is something that I have whispered to myself many times, especially now that I live in tight quarters with people I never expected to live near me.


Love thy neighbor……..But what if your neighbor is a drugpusher?  Or what if your neighbor owns a pitbull and your are worried when his dog is near you?


I  love dogs, all kinds of dogs.  There is one exception:  I do not like pitbulls.  Why?  I have heard too many stories recently about how the pitbull dog can attack (and maul) people. Most recently, in Commerce City, Colorado, a little girl came too close to a pitbull dog.  He bit her so viciously in the face that she needed many stitches and plastic surgery.


Recently, my friend was taking a walk in the park nearby his home.  He did see the dog that was coming towards him.  The dog (a pitbull) attacked him so badly that he required hospitalization.


Love thy neighbor….remember too that good fences make good neighbors.


Zisa Moglen

July 24, 2014




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